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Functionality and style. Threads and laces for footwear.

Shoes have to combine both functionality and style. Threads must be suitably treated and strong enough, shoelaces have to adapt to the different shoe styles. At Cordonfil you will find what you are looking for from amongst our range of threads and laces for footwear, whatever your production or repair needs may be.

In addition to shoelaces, Cordonfil also produces threads for the manufacture of footwear. Thanks to different technical treatments and finishes we are able to offer a variety of specific products for each type of application: black stitching, stippling, hand stitching...

This is one of the best-consolidated lines in the company’s product range and a benchmark of the company’s prestige in the footwear sector.

a. Threads and laces for footwear production
b. Threads and laces for footwear repair  


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