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Who we are

CORDONFIL operates in the textile sector, designing and manufacturing threads, shoelaces and cords with different finishes and a variety of colours and sizes, for the footwear, garment making, curtain making and fashion jewellery industries, using high quality natural and synthetic raw materials.

Manuel Gil Fornies founded this company in 1973, after 20 years of dedication to the threads sector. The production of laces was introduced in 1975 to accompany the production of threads for hand stitching and Billy stitching, and since the beginning of the nineties the company has specialised in waxed laces, which are produced for high quality footwear.

Cordonfil works with some 400 footwear firms (manufacturers and wholesalers) and has experienced a rapid increase in its foreign customers over the past few years, especially in Africa and Asia.

Cordonfil exports 40% of its production to these two continents and to Europe; the rest of its production goes to the national market and more specifically to the autonomous communities of La Rioja, Aragón and Valencia.

The company’s objectives have always been to offer its customers the highest standards of quality and service and to continue increasing its product range, adapting its production system to the demands and requirements of international markets.

Fashion jewellery

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